It is time to change the paradigm

All over the world businesses are working hard to ambitiously transform their companies into more sustainable ones, reducing impact. It is not really enough. 6 out of the 9 planetary boundaries are overshoot and businesses are still subject to volumetric growth. We have to change the paradigm: our companies should act as living beings, nested in the living world. Our collective challenge is to switch from extractive companies to regenerative companies.

It is time to develop a regenerative business and Value Chain within the planetary boundaries. Learn more about how in this book.


About Alis

If I was to write a letter to the earth and my children I would say sorry. Sorry for not thinking about all the infinite resources I have used to produce products and services in my previous professional life. Sorry for not taking action sooner than now. 

All of my professional life I have been passionate about optimizing and building sustainable and competitive Value Chains and businesses. For many years I thought that we would “make it” and so to say stay below the 1,5-degree temperature rise. I have become wiser. Systemic change is needed. The UN sustainable development goals were introduced, which was a great common language for the whole world. But on the other hand – it is just goals. There are no directions. 

I realized that my contribution to this crisis could be to use my skills as a Thought Leader, writer, Value Chain nerd, and passion for building and optimizing businesses to ensure that Value Chain professionals and others with a big touch on Global Value Chains, gained an understanding of the driving forces behind a regenerative Value Chain. As well as provide them with concrete ideas, frameworks, methods, and tools to innovate for a better and more regenerative future.

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What is Regeneration all about?

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Why imagining a Regenerative Value Chain is key

Regeneration is not only something which should be applied to certain parts of the business. It should be applied across the business.

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