It is time to change the paradigm

All over the world businesses are working hard to ambitiously transform their companies into more sustainable ones, reducing impact. It is not really enough. 6 out of the 9 planetary boundaries are overshoot and businesses are still subject to volumetric growth. We have to change the paradigm: our companies should act as living beings, nested in the living world. Our collective challenge is to switch from extractive companies to regenerative companies.

It is time to develop a regenerative business and Value Chain within the planetary boundaries. Learn more about how in this book.


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What is Regeneration all about?

Would you like to get an introduction to what regeneration is all about before purchasing the book, then checkout the “latest thinking” section

Why imagining a Regenerative Value Chain is key

Regeneration is not only something which should be applied to certain parts of the business. It should be applied across the business.

What others have said about the book…

“When reading this book, I felt happier turning page after page. The writers of this inspiring book address the importance of applying different viewing angles combined with a clear mindset. Simply improving a place or system is the ‘old’ way of thinking and isn’t sufficient anymore”.

Marcel Jacobs, Sustainable Supply Chain Expert,
former Philips 


The book provides a comprehensive guide that will take you on a transformative journey. They discovered the driving forces behind a regenerative value chain, creating new paradigms in business and shedding light on the urgent need to heal our broken systems. You will gain insight into what exactly a regenerative value chain entails, understand the principles, and discover how these principles can be applied in practice.

Menno Lammers, Founder
PropTech for good movement

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